Our Range

Who can resist the temptation of biting into a crunchy apple, be it red, green or yellow? We reckon that apples are not all created equal and should be juiced to celebrate their own individual personalities. We thought you’d fancy drinking apple juice that tastes like a real Granny Smith or a Pink Lady that tastes like a Pink Lady. Yep, that’s right. We’ve turned your favourite apple into its very own juice.
Summer Snow juice is available in 2L and 300ml sizes and can be found on the shelf of good fruit shops in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland, see where to buy to find your closest retailer.

All Year Round Flavours...

Traditional Apple Blend

It’s not every day you get to remake a classic. But unlike most other apple blends out there, I’m an apple juice made from just that, apples. I’m made from a combination of Granny Smith, Golden Delicious and other red varieties. I’m delicious, refreshing and super tasty.



I’m made from an apple with a rich, honey-sweet taste. Did I mention sweet? I just can’t help being so nice. If you don’t mind me saying so, I’m made from what has been described as ‘the perfect’ eating apple. I’m not strong and bold, just juicy and refreshing. Quite perfect really.


Pink Lady

Just like my name implies, I’m a lady! Blushingly radiant, super sweet and a little bit posh, that’s me. I’m made from one of the most attractive and popular apples around town and come from a fruit with a beautiful, exquisite complexion, which makes for my velvety sweetness.


Royal Gala

I’m made from what is fast becoming one of the world’s favourite apple varieties, hard to beat that really. My distinctive full but sweet flavour comes from my apple’s red blush of stripes and golden, sun-kissed background. Crisp and crunchy with sweet overtones and you’ve got me in one.



My juice comes from the goodness of pears. Funny that. And just like the bell shaped fruit I’m made from I certainly have a musical ring to me. I’m pleasant and polite and a bit of a fancy pants to be honest. With me, you’ll get a really wonderful, subtle and oh so lovely sip.


Apple & Pear

Apples and pears, who could compare? We’re just as good as each other to be honest so together we make one fine dynamic duo. Like two peas in a pod – except we’re two fruits from a tree – we are the perfect combination. Together we make for an instantly satisfyingly, thirst, guzzling juice.


Golden Delicious

Just like my name implies, I am golden and delicious. I’m fairly chilled out, mellow yellow and taste pretty darn smooth. I’m made from a popular apple which has been enjoying a massive come-back amongst apple enthusiasts. Sweet, tasty and juicy. De-li-cious!


Apple & Lemon

Who would have thought that a fruit that grows so plentiful in the backyard could give me such a tasty kick. Surprisingly I’m a juice which is fruity not sour. That’s because I stepped aside just enough, but not too much to let my feisty lemon side-kick make a guest star appearance. A summer favourite, thirst quenchingly good, that’s us.


Granny Smith

Do what Granny says because I can pack a punch! I’m sharp and crisp and not for the faint hearted. While I might be made from an Aussie icon I’m not known for my sweetness. I am larger than life, don’t miss a beat and am bursting with that just picked, bang-on flavour. 


Apple and Ginger

You love apple juice but want a little extra kick? Then this juice is for you. It's the smooth, sweet, fresh, apple juice you love but with a sexy ginger bite that smells great, tastes great and will keep that sparkle in your eye..


Seasonal Blends...


(Not currently in Season)

When Apple met Cherry (that’s me) we became an unlikely match made in heaven. While he loves me for my mouthwateringly plump yet petite figure; I swoon for his fresh and crisp charm. My man truly is the apple of my eye! We may look like an odd pairing around the orchards, but our union makes for one seriously smooth and sweet result.


Apple and Pineapple

(Not currently in Season)

This is our little tropical treasure. A juice that will put a spring in your step and make you wanna dance the hula all day long. So dust off your grass skirts and enjoy this unique, sharp and exotic fruit mix that will put a wiggle in your week.


Pink Lady and Pomegranate

(Not currently in Season)

The perfect compliment for a pink lady apple is of course another pink fruit, the pomegranate. These pomegranates pack a powerful punch, and together this team is greater than the sum of it's parts! A little bitterness, some sweetness and a brilliant colour is a hard combo to beat.


Apple and Blackberry

(Not currently in Season)

Apple and Blackberry; we seem quite different but we really are the best of friends. In a crumble, in a muffin and now together in a juice! One of us a big, round, crispy fruit, the other a small delicate berry and together we make a fantastic sweet juice with just a hint of tang.