Summer Snow Community Fundraising

We offer a fundraising service to the local schools, kindergartens or any community groups. This service is designed to be run by your organisations Fundraising Committee and we work with you to support your fundraising efforts with a healthy, natural, Australian product.

Below are a few frequently asked questions about this program. Feel free to contact us direct via phone or email if you wish to participate in the program or if you have any further questions. We look forward to working with you and your organisation.

Click here to download a Fundraising Information Pack. This PDF has our FAQ and examples of our order forms, perfect to present to your committees for discussions.

How does it work?  

  1. Summer Snow will provide your school with an easy to understand order form (customised for your organisation) and promotional flyers.
  2. Your organisations fundraising committee distribute these forms.
  3. Completed forms are then collected together with the money and the orders are summarised using our bulk order form.
  4. The bulk order is then placed with Summer Snow at our wholesale rate.
  5. We make up the orders, label them and deliver the juice directly to you.
  6. Your committee then distribute the juice to your community and retains the profits.

How much does the school make?  

The bottles are sold in boxes of 6. Your organisation retains $10 per carton.

How manny varieties of Juice do you sell?

We juice each apple variety individually, and have 10 apple juice, or apple juice blends in our range. Have a look at our complete range on our website.

Do we need to keep them cold?  

Summer Snow juices are delivered with 4 month ambient temperate shelf life and do not require refrigeration until they are opened

Do you have any other options for School Fetes and Markets?  

Summer Snow can also provide juice to your schools for sale at markets and fetes. We will provide product to your school and allow you to return any unsold and undamaged cartons of juice. Only invoicing for the juice sold eliminates any risk of being left with unsold stock from over estimating the amounts of required product, and gives the students a chance to man the stall and participate in the event. Summer Snow will also provide sample stock to allow tasting on the day of the event.

What to do next?  

Six simple steps to running a fundraiser at your school or kindergarten with Summer Snow...

  1. Contact Summer Snow on 03 5943 2390 or email and let us know you want to run a fundraiser!
  2. Provide Summer Snow with the information to go on your order form. This text can include the name of the school and can outline how the committee plans use the funds raised.
  3. We will provide you with an electronic version of your customised order form for you to print and distribute within your school or organisation's community.
  4. Collect and collate all the returned order forms and using the Summer Snow spread sheet.
  5. Summer Snow delivers the juice in labeled cartons to your organisation.
  6. You can now distribute these orders and bank the cash!