Trooly - now available for EVERYONE!

When Carmel turned 90 she gave each of her 7 children, 28 grandchildren and 19 great grandchildren a copy of her cook book "Trooly". Trooly is an intimate collection of over 50 authentic Italian recipes that Carmel has cooked for us, her family, since before we can remember.

Truly Cover Image. Designed by Dads Old Axe.

Truly Cover Image. Designed by Dads Old Axe.

Trooly has been carefully collated by Carmel's children and grandchildren and was originally intended as a gift for her family. But everyone who has seen the book has been enthralled and people have been asking for their own copy of Trooly. Trooly contains family photos and pictures of the orchard over the last 90 years as well as photos of Nanna making some of her best known recipes.

The recipes are roughly divided into seasons, to encourage cooking with fresh ingredients as Carmel has always centered meals on ingredients from her vegetable garden.

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