Wholesale Juice

Do you want to stock Summer Snow in your shop or café?

Summer Snow juices varieties are available in 2 litre and 300ml bottles and 10 litre Bag-in-box. Wholesale orders are handled through our distributors, Redimilk (VIC), Melbourne Pear Co (VIC fruit market), N&A Group (NSW), MFQ Brisbane (QLD) or give us a call and we can work out the best way to get our product to you!

Distributors can use our online order form to place orders.

Bulk juice for your own projects...

Summer Snow provides a comprehensive contract juicing services, and can provide for juice and cider labels of ALL sizes. We make your juice to order, so your product is exactly what you want. Our processes is organic certified so if you have organic fruit we can provide certified organic juice too. Please give us a call to discuss your project, no matter what size.

You can place a bulk order with us using this online order form.

Juice for Cider...

We specialise in making juice for apple cider and have been working with cider lovers and creators right across the country. Read more about how we can help on our 'juice for cider page' or place your orders for a bulk juice using this online order form.

Need a place to make your Cider?

We have temperature controlled vats for running fermentations. If you would like to book it some time to run a ferment you can do so by using this online booking form.