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Autumn is apple-picking time

What does the end of summer and beginning of autumn mean to you — brisk mornings and cool nights; pulling out the boots and jumpers; perhaps slowing down to a more restful pace?

For us, March spells the beginning of apple-picking season, when we have all hands on deck harvesting delicious, ripe apples. It’s a busy time of year, but it also brings the excitement of seeing the fruits of our labour (literally)! 

This month, we’re particularly excited to be plucking Kanzi apples from our trees. If you’re yet to try a Kanzi apple, you’re in for an absolute treat. A cross between Gala and Braeburn, the word "Kanzi" is Swahili for "hidden treasure". It's an apple that's both firm and juicy, sweet and tart, yet relatively mild in flavour. Kanzis have a long shelf life and taste incredible fresh, but can also be cooked (or juiced, of course!). 

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