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Celebrating Apple & Ginger

As we head into midwinter, one of our juices takes the cake for the perfect winter drink: Apple and Ginger. 

With the added kick of warming ginger (and the Vitamin C added to all of our still juices) this spicy concoction is a lovely way to give yourself an extra daily boost. It also makes a great base for mulled apple juice! 

To make mulled apple juice, all you need to do is pour a litre of juice into a saucepan along with a cinnamon stick, three or four cloves, a few strips of orange peel and, if you're feeling wild, a couple of slices of fresh ginger. Bring to the boil and then simmer for at least five minutes (or longer if you'd like the flavour a little stronger).

Given its zero-alcohol content, mulled apple juice makes the perfect winter warming drink for the whole family — pop it in an insulated drink bottle (like a Thermos) and take it along to your next cinema session, sporting game or bushwalking adventure. 

Is our Apple and Ginger flavour your favourite? It's now easier than ever to customise a 12-pack of juices when ordering through our website.