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System Changes!

We have made a change!

You have arrived here because you have clicked a link that was used previously to order Summer Snow juice for wholesale. But we have made a change, all wholesale orders of Summer Snow are now being handled by Ordermentum.

Ordermentum is great, it is user friendly, simple and super fast. There are apps for iPhone, iPad and Android to make ordering on the go very easy, and if you prefer to order from a computer you can log in from the web too! It works well for multiple locations or if you need more than one person with access.

All in all this new system will make ordering Summer Snow even easier than before!

If you have not received any communications with your Ordermentum logins we apologise, please give Kylie a call on 03 5943 2390 (or email customerservice@summersnowjuice.com.au) to complete the setup.

We look forward to getting you some juice soon!


The Summer Snow Logistics Team