We know that apple juice is good for you: the benefits range from providing antioxidants to reducing cholesterol and improving cognitive function. So, you might be wondering if apple juice can be added to smoothies. The answer is yes! As delicious as it is on its own, there are some fairly compelling reasons to pop some apple juice into your blender with other healthy ingredients.


What are the benefits of adding apple juice to a smoothie?

Smoothies are a brilliant way to get a bunch of different nutrients in one hit. They can include everything from greens (or greens powder), blueberries and bananas to oats, chia seeds, flaxseed meal and protein powder. In other words, a smoothie can really pack a nutritional punch.

Smoothies are also perfect for keeping your energy up when you’re on the go — and they’re a great way to help kids get more good stuff into their bellies. While your child might be hesitant to eat their greens, for example, it can be a totally different story when those greens are blitzed with a variety of other yummy ingredients. 

In addition to all of their health benefits, apple juice can imbue your smoothies with a sweet, crisp flavour.


What types of smoothies taste best with apple juice?

This depends a little on what kind of apple juice you’re using, but obviously apple juice generally has a sweet flavour. This means you can use apple juice in your smoothies in the same way you might use dates or bananas — to balance out more sour flavours.

Here are some of our favourite apple juice smoothie recipes:

  • Banana, berries and apple.  The banana creates a bit of body, while the berries bring a touch of tartness and the apple juice sweetens things up. Use whatever kind of berries are in season (or your favourite frozen variety).
  • Green smoothie.  This is one of the most iconic smoothies going around, and with good reason: smoothies are an excellent way to get your daily dose of greens. Apple juice can help make a green smoothie more palatable — try combining spinach or kale, chia seeds, banana, apple juice and coconut water. In keeping with the ‘green’ theme, you could try our Granny Smith apple juice here.
  • Immune booster.  You could use a high-strength blender or a good old-fashioned juicer for this. Combine carrots, apple juice, celery and ginger for a zingy, energising, immune-boosting drink. Our Apple & Ginger juice would be perfect in this smoothie.
  • Apple and strawberry.  If you enjoy a thicker smoothie, throw together apple juice, strawberries, yoghurt, and your choice of nut milk for a sweet, creamy combo.


Why is Summer Snow Juice a great choice for smoothies?

If you’re making smoothies in the first place, the chances are you’re conscious of your health. As well as having a diverse range of apple juice varieties so you can experiment with different flavours, our juice is organic, preservative free, full of Vitamin C and made using Australian apples. We also don’t add any sugar to our juices — that sweetness is all natural!