Pink Lady Sparkling Juice 750ml (6 pack)

Our Pink Lady sparkling juice with equal parts of sweetness and tartness, is pure 100% apple bliss with the gentlest of bubbles.

We're proud of its Silver Medal at the 2019 Australian Food Awards.

100% Australian grown Aussie Apples. 100% real fruit. No fruit concentrates. No added water. No added sugars. No added preservatives.

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Our juices with bubbles are produced using the gentlest processes creating a bright, fresh, and mildly sparkling juice.

Our Summer Snow juices are grown, crushed and bottled with care at our orchard in West Gippsland, Victoria. Our juices are natural products, therefore colour and flavour may vary.

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Our Juices: Store unopened in pantry. Refrigerate after opening and use within seven days.

Our Vinegars: Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

Perfect as a non-alcoholic alternative or for everyday enjoyment. With an easy open top, just twist and serve chilled over ice as a refreshing drink.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Claudia Mazuelos
It use to be just my drink of choice….

Now my family can’t get enough of it😊

Really love it!

As a sober person, drinking in social settings is always a slightly awkward point. But Summer Snow has proven a lifesaver! All the products I've tried so far have been fantastically tasty! What's more, it's so nice to have non-alcoholic options beyond soft drink and plain old juice. Half the time, people don't even question my drink choice or even realise that it's not cider or something since the packaging looks so nice.

Basically, cannot recommend Summer Snow products enough! They're my go-to drink for any social setting. I especially recommend them for any other sober folks, esp those who just want to go to a party without everyone at the party asking why they don't drink.

Very refreshing and bubbly.

Great Apple juice, I just wish it came in a bigger bottle,

Full apple character with out concentrated sweetness

Perfect with ice. Relax. Drink. Drive. No worries. Totally Australian. Low food miles. Good value. Enjoy. Go too for full enjoyment with family and friends.

Pink Lady Sparkling

Best sparkling juice I have ever tasted & gets rave reviews every time I serve it

Thanks Janice! We love to hear this Pink Lady sparkling juice gets rave reviews.