We’re excited to share one of our most popular Summer Snow juices, our Apple and Ginger juice - well loved for its sweet and spicy taste, is back.

Australian ginger always

We source our Australian ginger from Buderim in Queensland where it grows in rich, volcanic soils, thriving with the high rainfall and humid conditions of the hinterlands. Australian ginger is highly valued for its taste, aroma, and quality.

With our commitment to only use Australian ingredients, it does mean this well loved juice is made in limited quantities.

Nutritional and health goodness

Ginger is recognised as having many health benefits , having done so for thousands of years. This important spice has its origins in Southeast Asia and was highly sought after by spice traders.

Packed full of nutrients, its medicinal properties are known for the powerful antioxidants, and is commonly used for cold and flu prevention and treatment, as well as improve circulation and inflammation. With the bonus of Vitamin C added to all of our still juices, you can treat yourself to an extra daily boost.

Summer Snow Apple and Ginger Juice Range
With natural anti-inflammatory compounds known as gingerols, ginger proves invaluable in reducing inflammation and joint pain. Its carminative effect aids digestion, while antioxidants help ward off chronic diseases. Moreover, it's a trusted remedy for nausea, a booster for the immune system, and even beneficial in regulating blood sugar levels.

Adding ginger to your diet could lead to various health benefits, including lowering cholesterol, reducing muscle soreness, and relieving menstrual pain.

Incorporating both the zest of ginger and the natural sweetness of apples, "Apple and Ginger Juice" is a revitalizing beverage with a punch in both flavour and health benefits. Apples, known for their high fibre and vitamin content, pair seamlessly with the spicy kick of ginger.

This fusion not only creates an invigorating taste experience but also combines ginger's anti-inflammatory properties with apples' antioxidant-rich profile. The juice is incredibly versatile - perfect for a refreshing start to the day, a post-workout pick-me-up, or even as a sophisticated non-alcoholic option for social gatherings.
With a delicious and nourishing combination, Apple and Ginger Juice is a winning elixir for the health-conscious and gourmets alike.


Summer Snow’s Apple and Ginger juice is ready to drink, or add to your favourite Summer smoothie or winter warming mulled juice. Try our recipe for Mulled Apple Juice, or this sweet and soothing warm apple juice with ginger and cinnamon.

As with all our Summer Snow juices, we use 100% Aussies apples, and of course Australian ginger. Australian made juices all made from real fruit. No concentrates, no preservatives, no added colours or flavours and nothing artificial.

Stock up with a choice of our 2 litre family size bottle or single serve 350ml PET bottles. Find your favourite Summer Snow Juice stockist, or order online for your Summer Snow Apple & Ginger juice to be delivered straight to your doorstep.