The Granny Smith apple is well loved for its refreshing tartness and firmness. A versatile apple variety perfect for baking, pies and salads. With a long shelf life is popular as a healthy snack.

Did you know that Granny Smith was a real person?

Maria Ann “Granny” Smith and her husband came to Australia from Beckley in East Sussex, England in 1839 and settled in Eastwood, New South Wales. The story goes in 1868 Maria threw the remains of some Tasmanian-grown French crab apples beside a creek on their property. She later returned to find a brand new, bright green variety of apple growing in the spot.

The Granny Smith apple we know and love is actually the result of a fortunate accident.

It wasn’t until after Maria Smith passed away in 1870 that the apple became popular around the world. Today, the Granny Smith apple is grown and loved all over the globe, and remains one of the most heavily consumed apple varieties. Incredibly, every Granny Smith tree and every Granny Smith apple you sink your teeth into came originally from cuttings from Maria Ann’s surprise seedlings.

granny smith apple

An Apple unlike any other

It's believed that the Granny Smith apple is a natural hybrid, likely between the European Wild Apple and the domestic apple. Unlike many other apple varieties, Granny Smith apples retain their green color even when they are ripe. Their vibrant hue makes them easily recognizable.

Granny Smith apples are excellent for cooking because they keep their shape and don’t turn mushy.

Some fun facts about the Granny Smith apple

  • Walt Disney Connection: When Disneyland first opened in 1955, Walt Disney named one of the park’s restaurants “The Granny Smith Room” in honor of this apple variety.
  • First Australian Apple Export: Granny Smith apples hold the distinction of being the first Australian apple variety to be introduced to the UK market, in 1935.
  • Apple Racing: In Tasmania, there is an annual event called the "Granny Smith Apple Festival" where one of the activities is apple racing – people race apples down a stream to see whose apple is the fastest!


Be inspired with our favourite Granny Smith apple recipes.

At Summer Snow we crush our Granny Smiths into two kinds of juice - a refreshing still juice and a sparkling Granny Smith & Mint, awarded a Silver Medal at the 2019 Australian Food Awards.