We love pairing our sparkling juice with food! 

Our selection of sparkling apple juices make the perfect addition to the dinner table. They’re tasty, healthier than soft drinks and brimming with effervescence — so any time feels like a celebration.

If you’re adding sparkling apple juice to your next dinner party (or picnic, or cheeseboard by the fire), then you also want to think about foods that pair well with this delectable drink.

Here are some of our sparkling varieties and how we love to serve them. 

Pink Lady 

Equal parts tart and sweet, Pink Lady apples go well with a whole range of dishes. We like to contrast our Pink Lady sparkling with savoury flavours such as onion, chili, pepper and cheese. Think: quiches, tarts, Mexican food, and cheese ranging from mild cheddars to manchego, brie, bold blues and gorgonzola (four cheese gnocchi or steak roquefort, anyone?). Pork dishes are also a good choice with our Pink Lady sparkling — there’s a reason why applesauce is served with pork. 

Granny Smith & Mint 

Our Granny Smith & Mint sparkling juice is tart with a refreshing twist. As well as being a champion thirst quencher, this juice pairs excellently with sharp gouda or cheddar, goat’s cheese, blue cheese and gorgonzola. When it comes to herbs, the flavours of Granny Smith and mint go down a treat with the likes of rosemary, cloves and ginger. This juice also makes a good accompaniment to dishes featuring bacon (for example, spaghetti carbonara) or plain yoghurt (perhaps with curry, which is also surprisingly good alongside apple juice). Plus, any kind of apple dessert (pie, strudel, crumble) will go well with this variety — especially if it’s made with Granny Smith apples. 

Pink Lady & Raspberry  

Although we drink it all year long, this summery combination is stunning at a warm weather barbecue. Pink Lady apples and raspberries are both a little bit sweet and a little bit tart, so you could pair this drop with many of the same foods as we suggested above for our Pink Lady (strong, contrasting cheeses or meats like pork). You also could complement the fruity notes by pairing like with like: we’re talking apple pie or berries (with a side of rich chocolate cake, of course). 

Packham Pear 

There are plenty of foods that go well with the flavour of pear, but the one that comes to mind first is goat’s cheese. If you’re serving anything featuring goat’s cheese — for example a salad, frittata, or cheese platter starring chèvre — you want our Packham Pear sparkling juice by your side. Given its delicate flavour, pear sparkling juice also goes well with chicken or seafood dishes, mild cheeses like Brie and Camembert, aged and hard cheeses, vegetable soups and any other foods that will complement the flavour without overpowering. 

Of course, our sparkling juice variety is also lovely to drink on its own— whether it’s as an alternative to alcohol or simply because it’s delicious. Try our sparkling juice range - here